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Cycling Holidays France – Why Holiday in the Loire Valley?

For cycling holidays in France the Loire Valley is a truly beautiful destination. It has everything on offer to create your dream holiday, from tranquil waters, stunning châteaux, peaceful countryside and some wonderful attractions including museums, caves and vineyards.

Cycle Breaks has put together a fantastic collection of Loire Valley cycling holidays to suit a range of budgets, tastes and capabilities, so if you’re considering a holiday in the Loire Valley this year, or next, here’s what this picturesque region of France has to offer.

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Following the longest river in France, the Loire Valley twists its way from Nantes near the west coast, through to Chambord - around 300km further inland. Known as the garden of France, the gentle countryside features undulating hills and scattered forests, together with the stunning châteaux for which it is world renowned. This rich farming area, with its open expanses, is great for cycling and you’re sure to be thrilled by the charm of this amazing destination.


Famous for its mild climate, the Loire Valley has something to offer all year round but, when looking for relatively warm, dry conditions, the season for this area of France really starts in April or May, when the days start to draw out and the temperatures rise to about 20 degrees. With fewer tourists to compete with, this can be a wonderful time to go, while the late Spring and Summertime weather, offering long periods without rain and temperatures peaking at around 28 degrees in July can be perfect for cycling holidays in France; it is not as hot as the South but comfortable for exercising in.


France is known for its ‘gastronomie’ and the Loire Valley is certainly no exception there’s no better place to try experience this than the Loire Valley. Rich in orchards, fresh water lakes and vegetable gardens, the area offers menus that are fit for the royalty that once feasted here with the Kings of France. They include fresh fish from the river itself, game meats from the surrounding forests and fabulous pâtés, together with local artichokes, beans, mushrooms and leeks, finished with fabulously rich goat’s cheese and a Tarte Tatin that is truly to die for.

Châteaux and Historic Buildings

Sightseeing in the Loire Valley offers a seemingly never ending supply of astounding architecture trailed along the banks of the river. Most famous for its châteaux, including the many turrets of the fairy tale Chambord, Villandry with its beautiful formal gardens, or the masterpiece that is Azay-Le-Rideau surrounded by water, the Loire Valley is also host to much character and history in its cities including Angers, Dijon, Nantes, Orléans, Tours and of course Paris. And, in stark contrast but just as awe inspiring, you’ll also find many Troglodytes - dwellings carved out of the very face of the rocks around you.


As well as the stunning architecture and history of the region’s châteaux, the Loire Valley is home to a vast array of museums – including the Museum of Magic at Château de Blois – parks and gardens and wonderfully animated markets, all giving you a flavour of life in the area both past and present. There are many activities centred around the river itself, although swimming in its cool waters is not recommended due to the fast current. If you’d like to see a little more of the region while taking a break from the road, hot air balloons offer a breath taking view of this Valley of Kings.


An area dotted with numerous vineyards, and boasting the Burgundy region within its footprint, the Loire Valley produces quality white wines such as Sancerre, Pouilly Pouilly Fumée and Vouvray, rosés from Anjou and tasty reds such as Gamay de Touraine and Bourgeuil. There are many wine tasting opportunities and you can go from the vineyard to the cellars to truly appreciate the wine making process. Why not spend some time picking your favourite to take home with you?

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When it comes to cycling holidays, France offers you culture and adventure while not being too far away from home.

Cycling Holidays France –  click here to find out more about cycling tours in France.

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