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Combine Adventure with Comfort on One of Our Scenic Cycling Holidays in France

What do you do when you fancy a bit of adventure on holiday but also want comfort? Or even worse, one of you wants adventure and the other one wants luxury. This can be a difficult choice to make – but not if you choose one of Cycle Breaks' cycling holidays in France or further afield in Europe. They combine a range of activity levels to suit your physical ability, with comfortable, hand picked accommodation.

Enough Adventure to Suit Your Preferences and Ability
At Cycle Breaks we understand that what spells an exciting challenge for one person could be difficult or unpleasant for another – something definitely to be avoided when you're on holiday! So we have carefully researched and graded all our cycling holidays in France, Germany, Spain, Austria and the UK, making it easy for you to pick the right level, from Grade 1 (the easiest) to Grade 4. While Grade 4 offers slightly more challenge, you don't have to be a superfit sports cyclist for any of our holidays – our focus is on "gentle adventure" and Grade 4 would still be within the capability of a leisure cyclist of average fitness.

For those unused to doing a lot of cycling we recommend one of our gentler tours, offering enough activity to be enjoyable but without involving long distances or lengthy steep inclines. A single centre, Grade 1 tours offer the easiest level of cycling and the most flexibility. Because you are staying in the same accommodation each night, you can simply opt to do no cycling at all on whichever days suit you.

Our "Loire Star" tour, for example, offers a choice of Grade 1 routes to choose from, ranging from 9 to 31 miles – so you really can pick and choose how much activity you want.

For those who cycle a little more regularly, we recommend one of our medium grade tours, with longer routes and incorporating steeper inclines. For instance, our "Tours to Angers" Grade 2-3 tour involves 4 days of cycling, with rides of between 26 and 38 miles per day – giving you a real sense of achievement when you arrive in the ancient city of Angers.

But for those who want a bit more challenge, choose one of our Grade 4 routes and be rewarded with some spectacular views. Our "Dordogne Cycling Through History" tour, for instance, involves 6 days of cycling of between 20 and 34 miles, including an ascent to the famous "perched village" of Rocamadour from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills and forests surrounding this historic medieval village.

Of course, another measure of challenge is the number of days in a row you will be cycling. Again, there is a wide choice to choose from, from 3 nights to 10 nights, depending on how far you want to push yourself.

Cycle Breaks – See our full range of graded cycling holidays in France, Europe or the UK and pick one that is right for you.

Enough Comfort to Feel Like a Holiday
To ensure you feel as though you are on holiday, we also pay close attention to the accommodation where you will be staying.

All accommodation has been personally hand picked and visited by ourselves. As well as saving you considerable time researching and booking your own lodgings, this also takes the worry out of wondering whether it will be up to scratch.

All hotels and B&B's are a minimum of 2 stars, but 3 star accommodation is standard on many tours, and some tours have the option to upgrade to a higher level of accommodation if desired.

For multi-centre tours where you will be staying at a different place each night, we transfer all your luggage for you each day, so it is waiting for you when you arrive – all included in the price.

One of the major sources of stress or discomfort on a tour based holiday is the worry about finding your way around and finding good places to see or to eat. Again, we've done all this for you, providing you with detailed tour notes before you go. For each cycle route we suggest places to stop, either to see the local sights or to take refreshment.

And of course, your cycling holiday in France would not be possible without a bike! These are provided for you, and are delivered to your accommodation ready for your first day's cycling. We've chosen a comfortable hybrid touring bike with easy to use gears and a range of convenient accessories to make being out and about that bit easier to manage, such as map holders, panniers and bags. And for extra ease and comfort, electric bikes are available on many tours.

Cycling Holidays France – Find out more about the type of accommodation available on our tours.

Whilst we have done as much as we can to make it easy to pick the right level of tour for you, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements with you before you book. As we have personally researched all the routes on offer we can give you more details and make recommendations to ensure you have a holiday that is both stimulating and enjoyable.

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